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Random Items Before Disappearing

Well, the internship offer ended up falling through. I wasn't able to give a definite answer in time, and TDU ended up going with someone else. Oh well, it happens. At least this way I can actually get information about the internship, and apply next summer. On the plus side, this means I'll be in New Jersey for (most of) the summer, but it means I have to go look for a job here. The fact that I still can't drive yet limits my options in that sphere. Anyway...

The past couple days have been interesting. First of all, several of my friends have either graduated from college, or are going to do so rather soon. It's an odd feeling, that several people that I've known for four or five years (plus more who I only got to know in this past year) have actually left the education system (for the most part, at least). I wish them luck.

I've started listening to music by David Rovics. It's pretty fun stuff; kind of folk-y and very political. So far, my favourite songs are "Paul Wolfowitz" (pay your debts or say goodbye!), "RPG" (an ode to those annoying police helicopters), "Halliburton Boardroom Massacre" (kind of self-explanatory).

Finally, I'm going to be dropping off the face of the internet for a bit. I'm going up to New England for the Dawn Dance in Brattleboro (plus other dances, but not all of the IRON DANCER CHALLENGE). I'll have my phone with me if people still need to get in contact for some reason. If you need or want my phonenumber for some reason, let me know.
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