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I'll be going back to school in a little over a month; back to progessing towards a history degree that I have no idea what I will do with. I have some plans, but they don't really relate to my degree at all.

*try and start a socialist grouping at Lafayette, or the Lehigh Valley in general. While we theoretically have enough people to start a Socialist Party local, I'd be interested in trying to set up a local "socialist alliance" instead, depending on who's active on various campuses, and what socialists we actually have in the Valley.

*apply for (and hopefully get) a summer internship at the TDU headquarters in Detroit sometime before I graduate. Also, go to the Union Semester programme at CUNY, though I may have to wait until after I graduate to do that.

*run for NJ state assembly at some point, either 2009 or 2011. The earliest I could theoretically run is 2009, but since I'll still be at Lafayette at
that point, it might not be particularly pratical to do so. So we shall see.

*figure out what I'm going to do after college.

Anyway, my schedule for the next semester seems fairly promising.

Registred Classes
*GOVT 104-02- Intro to Political Theory (M/W/F 10.00-10.50): fairly normal Government and Law (Lafayette's Political Science) intro course. Since I'm switching to History from Electrical and Computer Engineering, I'll need to catch up on some of the intro courses for each. Fortunately, I have almost all my core requirements out of the way. Don't really know what to expect from this class, but hopefully it'll be fairly interesting.

*HIST 106-02- Intro Course: Atomic Diplomacy (T 19.00-21.50): another intro course. Sounds interesting, but it unfortunately only meets once a week, which means that the single class is long. To date, the only courses I've spent this much time in a single session were labs, and in that case we were generally doing things besides just listening to a lecture. So that'll be a new experience (hopefully not stupor-inducing.)

*HIST 225-01 Age of Revolution (M/W/F 9.00-9.50): I haven't been able to find out much about the course, so I don't know the time period that's being studied as this "Age of Revolution." Considering European history (which I believe this is), such an age coule arguably extend from 1789 to 1939 at least, if not longer. However, from what I've been able to find out about the professor, it sounds like it's going to focus more on early modern Europe, so my guess would be heavy focus on the 19th century. But we shall see.

*MUS 150-01- Concert Choir (M/W 16.15-17.45): taken this before, though not for credit. It's a quarter credit, and a pad for my GPA. No big deal, and definitely fun.

*PHIL 101-02- Intro. to Philosophy (T/R 13.15-14.30): not my first choice, but it sounds interesting enough, and it fulfills a core requirement course.

Wait-Listed Classes
*PHIL 102-01- Basic Social Questions (T/R 11.00-12.15): the class I wanted instead of PHIL 101. I'm still on the waiting list, though I doubt I'll be able to get in. Still, I keep my hopes up.

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