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Stolen from maeve66

I probably should not be doing this, as I am still in school and have no idea what I actually intend to do with my life once I leave it (union work? history stuff?) Anyway, this is that careercruising meme. Go to the site, put in "nycareers" as the username and "landmark" as the password, and take the "Career Matchmaker" quiz, then post your top ten results (or more). I shall post results with snark.

1) Archivist (entirely possible. That is something I could see myself doing. I'm somewhat of an informal archivist already, especially when it comes to socialist newspapers and other material.)

2) Actuary (Oh. Dear. God. I can't escape from it! Both my parents are actuaries...)

3) Power Plant Operator (Might mean having to get another degree besides history. Still, that might be interesting)

4) Stationary Engineer (I'm not even sure what that means. Does this mean I'm an engineer that doesn't move around much, or do I design stationary?)

5) Cartographer (That's kind of neat.)

6) Air Traffic Controller (If I ever do become an air traffic control, I must remember to dance on/defile in some fashion Ronald Reagan's grave at some point...)

7) Gunsmith (Awesome!)

8) Anthropologist (Maybe...)

9) Dental Lab Tech (Now I think we're getting into a bit of a reach...)

10) Broadcast Technician (Again, sounds somewhat interesting, but I'd probably need some training in addition to/besides my history degree to get it.)

11) Helicopter Pilot (I don't know how this came up, but that's really cool.)

17) Activist (Can I get paid to do that?)

18) Political Aide (This test does not take political views into account. I doubt I will be an aide to any politician anytime soon.)

21) Critic (Heheheh)

23) Comedian (How many members of the ISO does it take to screw in a lightbulb?)

29) Print Journalist (Possible, but I don't know)

33) Magician (Uhhh...)

40) Automobile Assembler (It's somewhat of a dying industry in the US though, unfortunately.)

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