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Ballot Access Requirements

Now, I have this tendency to rage about ballot access and how it serves to perpetuate the two party system by placing prohibitive requirements on third parties and independent candidates, but this is just strange.

Anyway, I got a paper in my school mailbox today inviting me to run for student government (I'm assuming this was sent out to all students that can do so as well.) The requirements to get on the ballot are a statement of what you will do to make the Lafayette experience better along with a resume of your leadership skills, and 150 signatures from the student body.

Doesn't seem like that much, though considering the size of the school it is about 6% of the student body. However, being the political and elections junkie that I am, I also happen to know that, if I intend to run for state assembly in 2009 (which has crossed my mind), I need only 100 signatures to get on the ballot. In an area of much over 100,000 people, let alone the 2,400 that Lafayette has. This just seems odd to me.

However, I'm assuming that students are allowed to sign more than one petition, otherwise signatures would be discounted pretty quickly. Still, odd...

Oh, I guess this means I will be stepping forth for my student council. Earlier today, Chris mentioned that considering my likely path in life, it might be a good idea for me to start building up a profile now. To this I responded, "true, it's never too early to start losing elections."
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